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Designing your own printable invitations using online resources can make the difference in saving time and money when creating custom invitations for a party or event. By using web-based tools such as templates and stationery design programs, you have the choice of creating and printing your invitations anywhere you have internet access and a printer.

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Before you begin making printable invitations online, it is helpful to pick out a set of printable invitations you want to print your design on.  As many printable invitations come with pre-printed designs, whether it be a simple bordered design or a more elaborate themed design, using a certain type of invitation can save you time during the design stages of your invitations.  If desired, you could use a set of blank printable invitations and create your entire design from scratch.  However, if time is a concern, you could simply choose an invitation with a pre-printed design and just write out the text; the choice is up to you!

Online, you can find printable invitations in variety of sizes.  Two common sizes include 4.25” x 5.5” and 5.5” x 8.5”.  2UP and 4UP invitations are popular choice of printable invitation because they offer two and four invitations per sheet, respectively.  As a result, you can save a good amount of time printing your invitations; once you’ve printed your invitations, all you need to do is separate them from the main sheet via the perforated lines connecting the cards.  Particularly when using printable invitations for events that will have a large number of guests, 2UP and 4UP invitations remove the hassle of printing cards one-by-one.

Online templates for printable invitations can be an enormous help for both designing and printing your invitations, especially if you plan on printing multiple invitations per sheet.  Often, you’ll find free invitation templates online from retailers that sell printable cards and invitations.  Templates are useful because they provide guidelines (and possibly other features like text boxes) so you can easily add the text and additional content for your invitations and print them correctly.  Alternatively, using an online design program can be another helpful resource.  One example of such a program is iClickn’Print, offered by  Users can pick from a selection of ready-made invitation templates or create one from scratch.  You can add text boxes, choose from a variety of fonts and colors, insert your own images, use free clip art and much more all in one place.  In order to freely access iClickn’Print, a user must purchase a product, such as a set of printable invitations, from

Creating printable invitations online can make your life easier by saving you time and money when preparing for both casual and formal parties.  DIY to make an impression on your party guests and save!

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