Paper Doilies for Party Decorations

Paper doilies have been used for centuries to accent party decorations and culinary dishes. You can creatively use paper and foil doilies to add a festive feeling to holiday celebrations, formal events, craft projects and much more. Doilies are a great choice to give an old-fashioned, cozy, and welcoming ambiance to your festivities. Nowadays, you’ll be able to find themed doilies for nearly every holiday. Royal Lace ® has been printing doilies for over a century—check out for the best selection of doilies online!

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Doilies have existed for centuries, but they are thought to have grown in popularity during the early Victorian era in Great Britain. Traditional doilies were crocheted or knitting using cotton, linen, and other fabrics. While the main purpose of doilies was decoration, it is believed that they also served a functional purpose to protect wood furniture. Royal Lace® has been manufacturing paper doilies since 1911. All of the doilies are processed using handmade dies that simulate authentic French and Belgian doily patterns from the 15th century. offers doilies in retail packs for French Lace, Normandy Lace, Medallion Lace, and Heart Lace designs. You can also find Basket Lace, Christmas Lace, Floral Lace, Gothic Lace, and Rose Linen Embossed doilies in bulk cases.

Paper doilies are a great material for crafting projects because they give off a warm and traditional feeling. You can use paper doilies whole to serve as a unique backing to photos on a scrapbook page or cut them up to create elegant borders for a poster board sign or bulletin board. Party decorations don’t have to burst your budget. Foil doilies make a great standalone addition as casual or formal decorations—tack them on an information board to add a nice touch to seasonal announcements. If you’re having a dinner party, using some foil doilies with your table decorations will give your party a fancy look at low cost. Using paper doilies at any party is beyond easy—any way you decide to use them, you’ll have a classy setup in seconds!

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