Personalize Award Certificates

Certificates of Participation Geographics 2
Certificates of Participation Geographics 2

Award Certificates such as Certificates of Participation or Achievement Certificates and Diplomas are fun and easy to make from your home or office.

Using Iclicknprint Certificate Templates you can add the template of your choice and enter the variable data you need, manually or using Geographics® Certificates Data Merge. Merge uses Excel or CSV Files – just make sure you do not have a header. Check out our demo video that walks you through the steps.

Graduation is approaching with fast steps. It’s time to think of a fast and easy solution to print your Graduation Stationery fast and easy and to get outstanding results.

Geographics® has lots of free Word Templates that allow you to choose the appropriate certificate format and make small changes like adding name and award, changing date and signatures. Furthermore, you are always free to add your own embellishments by hand, after your certificates are printed. Check out our free clip art available in Iclicknprint and on the Geographics templates page.

Buy Printable Certificates

You can print certificates and diplomas like a pro with little effort and add that personal touch that will make your award recipients feel all the more honored. All that is required to make a certificate of participation or of achievement or a diploma is a set of printable certificates, a computer and a printer.

Printable certificates are available both online and at office stores. Online shopping offers you a greater selection of certificate designs to choose from: Parchment certificates with colored borders that range from gold foil, silver foil, blue, gold, green, burgundy, black or with colorful designs printed on fine parchment paper. Great for printing certificates for high school diplomas, business and volunteer certificates, etc…

School and sports printable certificates are perfect as school and sports awards, diplomas and certificates for kids and youth.

If you are making more casual awards, such as for parties or lighthearted events, non-parchment certificates come in a wide array of colors as well as themed designs for many occasions.

For a full set of award certificate kits are the perfect fit. Get certificates, foil seals, document covers and ribbons or other embellishments, in one pack. It saves your time, they are elegant and affordable!

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