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printable business cards free template geographics
printable business cards free template geographics

With the use of e-mails and the internet, personalized stationery seems to have taken a second place or, one might think it’s been eliminated, altogether.
However, there are many instances in which one needs to use personalized stationery.  Think about a note that you would like to include with a gift to send a friend or family member. Or, the invitations you have to send for special occasions. They simply cannot be impersonal. You need to add your personal touch.
Whether you’re writing to a friend, family member, or a group of business partners, it is always good to to send your messages on personalized stationery.
It’s easy to do with Geographics® Stationery: Design Paper, Letterhead Paper, or Formal Cards and Invitations. TheRoyalStore has free Word Templates and iClick’nPrint – free software that allows you to personalize for free your cards, invitations, letterhead, envelopes, etc., and save them for future use.
Using personalized stationery for your letters will ensure a professional result and create a favorable impression.  An important step in making personalized stationery could be choosing the design paper or the fine paper that represents you, your event or your company.


If you’re writing an invitation to a party or a seasonal event, make sure that the design paper is representative for the occasion: Geographics® has divided its stationery as follows: Business Stationery and Social Stationery by Holiday and by Theme.

If you plan on making personalized business stationery, think about the consistency in the design of your business letterhead, cards and envelopes. offers a wide range of business letterhead, business cards, envelopes and card stock so, you will easily be able to find the best paper to use for your stationery.
All Geographics® design paper and business letterhead is 24lb, inkjet and laser compatible. All Geographics® cards are made on 65lb cover.
Once you have picked out your favorite paper to personalize, you are all set to start designing your personalized stationery right from your own computer.

As mentioned before, besides the free downloadable templates, accessible directly on the’s homepage and customizable in Microsoft Word, TherRoyalStore customers have access to’s free design program, IClickn’ Print. With iClickn’ Print, you can create your own template(s), or pick up ready made templates and layouts. You can incorporate clip art, suggested wording, shapes and your own images, add text boxes and personalize with great fonts and color. You can work on up to five different pages per album, so you can print multiple versions of your stationery at once. Finally, you can save your personalized stationery templates online and work on them again any time in the future, hassle-free. No download is necessary, which is even greater!

personalize stationary for free geographics
personalize stationary for free with ICLICNPRINT

Making your own personalized stationery shows that you care and it definitely says something about your status. Choose the best! Plan your next personal or business personalized stationery run with !

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