Photos on Your Walls

gloss photo paper
gloss photo paper

Get the most out of your photos by printing them at home.

Everyone has folders upon folders of pictures on their computer. Your most precious memories are all sorted and just waiting for you to display them proudly in your home. Printing your photographs using your home printer is easy and cost effective if you have the right tools, including high-quality photo paper and intuitive design software.

Royal Brites offers a wide variety of photo papers that are compatible with any type of printer. The at-home photo printer now has more options available than ever before. Gloss photo paper is a traditional photo paper that produces a smooth glossy finish which looks good in frames, scrapbooks or even postcards. The gloss paper’s ease of use makes it easy to create unique postcards, invitations or save the date cards.

If you’re looking for a softer look, matte photo paper may be the right choice for your project. Matte paper is fast-drying and allows you to print on both sides of the paper. This is a great feature if you’re printing postcards or save the date cards. Put a custom edited photo on the front and print your message on the back.

Geographics also offers professional grade photo and brochure paper for all your business needs. Our professional line comes in either satin or semi-gloss finishes, both of which are fast-drying and glare and fingerprint resistant. This makes them ideal for business projects that will get a lot of use.

The best part about choosing Geographics projects is that they are designed to work with the iClickn’Print Design Center. You can create photo collages, add text to your images, add clipart or use the software just to ensure that your photo prints properly with the highest resolution and brightest colors possible. Watch our photo paper demo video and see all the things you can do to print photos from home with iClickn’Print.

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