Poster Board Printing

It’s an inevitable part of having a child in a school system: the poster board school project. Often it turns out to be more work for the parents than for the child. Putting together one by hand can turn into a mess of markers and glue. If your child’s handwriting isn’t a work of art, then the end result won’t be, either. Paying to have one printed provides professional results, but using an industrial-sized printer might put a dent in your wallet.

Luckily, there’s an easy, inexpensive way to create professional-looking poster boards at home:
Use EZ POSTER PRINT,  iClicknprint’s free layering technique!

Poster Board Printing
Poster Board Printing

Although standard printers can only produce standard-sized pages, you can use any printer to create an oversized poster board using iClicknprint .

Choose the poster size and orientation, then the size of the paper you wish to print on. EZ Print will divide board surface into sheets for you to print using your printer paper. By assembling the sheets, you can cover a poster board to create a professional project with a single image. Or you can clip what you need and glue onto the poster.

The process is simple: all you need is a poster board from Royal Brites® and a printer. The poster board can be any size. iClicknprint will know whether it requires four, six, or forty-six sheets of paper to cover it. It will even save in the PDF to be downloaded, partial sheets to fill out the edges of the poster board perfectly. All of this is done automatically when you input the size of your poster board and the size of your paper and after you choose the orientation for each.

Using iClicknprint, it’s easy to see what your poster board will look like. You can place any arrangement of text on the board, along with clip art supplied from a generous collection. Arranging items and changing their size is a simple matter of clicking and dragging. The text can overlap onto as many pages as necessary—which means that the font size and images can be as large as you like.
And when it comes time to print, all you need is a regular printer—no special equipment. A typical 22″x28″ poster board will print on six to eight sheets of paper.
The project will be saved in a PDF File that you can download and print. It gets saved in your MY PROJECTS library so you can modify or Save it as a new projects and make changes to it.
Print the PDF file and layer the sheets over your poster board to create the effect of a professionally printed project that’s sure to impress the classroom.
White Poster Board is great for a project that uses printed paper to fully cover it. You may also use White Foam Board for a sturdier poster

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