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poster board size

When shopping online, you may be surprised by the number of poster board sizes you come across after only finding one or two sizes available in stores. Certain retailers such as specialize in poster board and offer a variety of sizes to suit a number of different needs. It is helpful to have some knowledge about the various sizes and forms of poster board on the market so you can find a size that best suits your project.

Poster board in any size is a very versatile material, so before you shop it is helpful to have a solid idea of what sort of materials your project calls for.  For example, do you need a sturdy, functional board or are you more concerned with the color and texture of the board?  Most people use poster board for signs or school presentations, so for these purposes a standard size of poster board such as 22”x28” would be ideal.  22”x28” board also comes in the widest range of styles and colors.  However, it may be difficult to transport.  If you are making a sign that you wish to display in a sign holder, choosing a smaller size of poster board might be a better option since it is a lighter weight.  11”x14” poster board is a good choice for a standing yard sign, but make sure the size you choose is big enough so your intended message will be easily read from a distance.  At, you can find Royal Brites poster board in three sizes: 22”x28”, 14”x22”, and 11”x14”.  These sizes are available in all Royal Brites Primary Colors, 2 Cool Colors, Black & White and Grid Board styles.

In addition to knowing your available poster board sizes, it is also helpful to know about the different forms of display board to find out what kind will best contribute to the success of your project. 

Tri-fold foam board or project board is a popular material for presentations and fair displays.  Tri-fold board is very reliable because it is sturdy; two common sizes are 22”x28” (folded open) and 36” x 48” (folded open).  Foam board is similar to poster board but it is stiff and can therefore be propped up to display.  It is also very light and easy to transport.  For crafting projects like model-making, foam board or firm board can be a handy material. offers foam board comes in two sizes: 20” x 30” and 22” x 28”.

Knowing poster board sizes will help you make an informed choice about what supplies you need when preparing for a project.  Check out to see one a versatile collection of display board and board supplies online.

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