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Geographics is coming up with a full solution to the customers’ needs by creating an area where users can download Free Templates loaded with Clip Art and Wording.

The first project and the most important is the Awards and Recognition area: Geographics Certificates are recognized as being the best on the market for their  design intricacy and variety of paper base and printing processes: from parchment to premium  ivory and white bond paper, from intricate color certificate borders  to foil stamped certificate borders. Geographics has it all: certificates for kindergarten, schools and universities and all the accessories needed for a great award: Document Covers, Foil Seals, Certificate Kits with Seals & Ribbons, Document Envelopes and Certificate Frames and Plaques.

Q: How is the new Free Templates, Clip Art and Wording helping our customers?

A: By offering them templates that work with all certificates, certificate titles that are carefully designed and a page structure that allows the user to make their own changes.
We are updating the archive every day with new titles and artwork.
We have grouped our certificates, diploma and awards templates in three separate categories, FREE AWARD Templates Clip Art and Wording, FREE CERTIFICATE Templates Clip Art and Wording and FREE DIPLOMA Templates, Clip Art and Wording,  each containing sub-categories like Pre-school and Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School and High School, University and Business. Here is an example from Business Certificate templates:

Inside each of these categories our Geographics customers can find various titles of Certificate Templates, Diploma Templates or Award Templates, all easy to open, understand and work with.

The Word templates are Free for our users to use and save on their computers. Check these templates out and give us your feed-back. Ideas for new templates are welcome.

In the meantime, a new and user friendlier iClicknPrint is offering you free customization and Data Merge!

Free Certificate templates clipart wording iclicknprint 1024x658 1
Free Certificate templates clipart wording iclicknprint 1024×658 1

In the Templates, Clip Art and Wording area you can also choose Templates for all occasions and events:
Specific Geographics product types like Printable Letterhead, Cards and Invitations will have Designer-made templates for various holidays, occasions and events with Suggested Wording and Clip Art.

This will help you print your own stationery in a professional manner, fast and easy and more importantly, save money!

The scope of the templates, Clip Art and Wording is to offer Geo Customers convenience, to save their time and money using Printable Geographics Stationery Products.
It’s a Win-Win!

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