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If you want to throw a personal and memorable baby shower, using printable baby shower invitations to create your own invitations lets you use your creativity to make a great impression on your guests.  When making custom shower invitations, you can use printable invitations that feature a themed baby design, use an invitation with a simple design, or create a completely original design yourself and print it on blank invitations.  No matter which type of printable invitations you use, printing custom stationery for your event can save you time and money when planning your baby shower.

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Online, you can find printable baby shower invitations in a variety of designs.  A themed invitation that features artwork of cradles, pacifiers, teddy bears, and other baby items can serve as a fun introduction to your shower.  However, printable invitations enable you to be as creative and detailed as you like with your own design.  For example, you could use a blank or simple pack of invitations, such as white invitations with a foil border, and then add your own images, clip art, and digitally designed elements to make your invitations truly unique.

Some common sizes for printable baby shower invitations include 4.25”x6.25”, 5.8”x9”, and 6.25”x9”; when choosing a set of printable invitations, make sure that you can properly use them printer as well as your design program of choice, if planning to use one.  If you will be hosting many guests, you may be interested in buying invitations in bulk or using an invitation kit, which may include envelopes as well as other stationery items like thank you cards.  You have many choices as to how to produce your invitations.  If you like a handmade touch, for example, you can write your invitation message by hand using calligraphy and embellish your cards with themed button, ribbons, rub-on or other crafty decorations.  However, if you need to print a large number of invitations or you are pressed for time, creating your invitation design digitally can help you produce your cards quickly and efficiently.

An invitation template can be a valuable resource when making printable baby shower invitations; not only will you have an easy-to-use layout in which to arrange your invitation message, but the guidelines will help to keep your design in order so it prints correctly.  Free downloadable stationery templates are often available from stationery retailers online; not all stationery templates are made equal, so make sure to download from a reputable source website.  Alternatively, you can use a web-based design program to design your invitations; such programs may feature pre-made layouts which you can adjust and populate with custom text, images, clip art, decorate elements such as shapes and more.  The IClicknPrint Design Center is available for free to customers.

By designing and printing your own baby shower invitations you can offer your loved ones a creative and memorable introduction to celebrating the new baby!  DIY and save!

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