Printable Postcards as All-Purpose Stationery

Printable postcards diy geographics
Printable Postcards by DYI Geographics

Did you know that you can use printable postcards to make easy and inexpensive note cards, thank you cards, and much more for a special occasion? Printable postcards are an affordable material that can be found both online and in stories in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to suit any event. You can save a good deal of money by printing your own cards, particularly for a large-scale party.

In order to use printable postcards with your home or office printer, you’ll need to digitally create your design via computer. Your design process can be quick and simple or more elaborate; as the card-maker, you can choose whichever course of action is best for your personal needs and preferences. For instance, if you are using postcards with a pre-printed design and/or you need to print many cards in a short amount of time, you can create your design using a program like MS Word and simply type your message and add any desired digital embellishments, such as a logo, if applicable. Since postcards come in several sizes, just remember to set your page layout to match the card size you will be using. Alternatively, if you are using blank postcards and wish to create a detailed card design, you may want to work with card-making software or a web-based design program to have access to creative tools, user-friendly layout options and more.

The most common size for printable postcards is 4.25”x5.5”.  Typically, you will find postcards in packs of single cards, but you may also come across 4UP postcards which include four cards per 8.5”x11” sheet (separated by perforated lines).  Printing on sheets of 4UP postcards can be a big timesaver when printing cards in bulk.  However, since 4UP cards are more uncommon than single cards, you may want to use card-making software or a tool such as a free MS Word template to ensure that your design prints out correctly on all four cards per sheet.  Downloadable postcard templates are usually available online from printable card or stationery retailers. The iClicknPrint Design Center, a program offered by Geographics, features pre-made templates for printable postcards as well as wording, clip art, font options and much more.

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