Make a Display for Your Project

Project board is a term that covers a broad category of materials used to present and display content. Tri-fold board made from foam or corrugated cardboard are two widely used examples. Whether you plan on using project board for a professional or personal purpose, a display made with project board will meet your project’s needs.

Online, you can find a unique selection of project board to choose from in different sizes and colors. Firm board is a type of board made from double-wall corrugated cardboard; it’s a great choice if you need to display content on your board that’s heavier than usual. For example, you could use firm board to tack up name tags or place cards at events like a professional conference or a wedding reception. Tri-fold project board is one of the more popular types of project board on the market. The most common size is 36”x48” (folded open).

The Royal Brites® Two Cool™ Colors patented product line offers double-sided tri-fold project board in a variety of eye-catching color combinations.

Using a colorful project board in your presentation will do wonders to draw people to your board. Use your judgment in deciding whether certain colors are appropriate or not for your project. For example, if you are making a display for a career fair, you may want to opt for a color that gives off a more professional vibe, like blue, black, or gray.

Since project board is often associated with school projects, making a project board display for a purpose unrelated to school might seem difficult. But with the right materials, you easily make a sharp-looking board for a business project or an elegant-looking board for a personal event. All in all, a project board is designed to display content, so no matter your project it’s important to maintain a neat and uncluttered layout for your board. Viewers should be able to find the information they need with ease. If you’re giving a presentation, your board should only act as a supplement to your speech by offering your audience key points or visual examples.

Try using adhesive letters on your project board to create a bold, clear title; it will look neater and be easier to read than a handwritten title. Fluorescent neon poster board is a good material to use to grab the attention of those passing by.
If appropriate, try using neon paper board as a backing to the areas of your board you wish to highlight. If you are going to use project board for a competitive event like a science fair, refer to the guidelines of your respective event to clarify what accessories you can and can’t include in your display.

Making your own display using Royal Brites® project board is an inexpensive way to add a personal element to your project.

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