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Royal Lace Easter Paper Doilies go hand in hand with traditional Easter recipes.
Learn how to make Easter treats and pair them with Royal Lace doilies in a perfect table setting.

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The Sunday Easter celebration starts with having a traditional meal and having the perfect table setting. For those who enjoy preparing food for their loved ones or sharing the festive meal with neighbours or friends, here is an inspiring list of traditional Easter food that can stimulate everyone’s appetite.

If cooking or baking isn’t your strong point, you can still help set the table in an impressive way. For a perfect table setting, use Royal Lace® Paper Doilies and Placemats.

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional Easter sweet you can make with spices, raisins or currants that made its way from the United Kingdom to all corners of the world. You can find it in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, parts of the USA, New Zealand and more. These little bundles of deliciousness are decorated with a cross on top, symbolizing the Christian significance of Easter – Christ’s resurrection.

The buns can be placed individually in 4″ Medallion Lace Easter Doilies by Royal Lace.

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Paçoca is a traditional Brazilian Easter candy made with ground peanuts, sugar and salt. One can add oats, cassava or corn flour to it. Knowing how much we love peanut butter here in States, this delicious treat could easily become the sweet of choice for all peanut butter fans. Here is a twist on the traditional Paçoca recipe. Great with Royal Lace® Easter Gold Foil Cups.

Cozonac or Kozunak

This traditional Romanian and Bulgarian sweet is a leavened bread like the German Stollen. Almost every family has a slightly different recipe they usually pass down through the generations. Modern interpretations contain dark chocolate and lots of walnuts. Also, older recipes, more traditional but less common today, use a delicious poppy seed paste.

The best placemat you can use for this wonderful treat is Royal Lace® Placemats that come in White Gold or Silver foil.

Cozonac TheRoyalStore


A Greek sweet, butter based pastry you can make with orange juice and sesame seeds. People usually serve it on Holy Saturday. In addition, feel free to dunk these in your favorite coffee, tea or with a glass of milk. This treat works great with Royal Lace® 12″ Normandy Easter Doilies.

In conclusion, with these mouthwatering treats to choose from and the variety of fine patterns and types of Easter Doilies by Royal Lace, made in the USA, use your creativity to really show off your traditional delights.

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Delicate and intricate, Royal Lace White, Gold or Silver Paper Doilies for Easter will add charm and glamour to any meal. Easter Doilies, Placemats adn Baking Cups come in different sizes to fit all needs. Children will surely love the Heart Shaped Cherub Paper Doilies. They go perfectly with the occasion.
Have a peaceful, love-filled Easter!

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