Medallion Lace Paper Doilies by Royal LaceRoyal Lace® Paper Doilies are unique and they have an important story to tell: a story of elegance, artistry, and the quest for perfection.
well known brand name for US-made Paper Doilies & Placemats, Baking Cups, and Shelf Lining Paper, the Royal Lace brand is about 100 years old, Mafcote Inc, one of the oldest US paper coating company, owning the brand.
Mafcote has been a manufacturer of Royal Lace paper doilies and placemats, baking cups and shelf paper liners, since 1920. These fine paper products are being distributed in the US through one of Mafcote’s affiliate company, Royal Consumer Products, LLC and through our manufacturer’s website, theroyalstore.com.

You may wonder where the Royal Lace name comes from. It comes from the lace patterns and designs usedm by and made for the royalty in the European convents, our lace patterns being are similar to the original royal lace pieces exhibited in European museums.

The metal dies used even today to make our sophisticated doilies were handcrafted by craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century, a trade that has completely disappeared.

Round Doilies are mainly used under plates, cups and glasses, for a clean and upscale look and protection, under pastry and cakes and for arts and crafts projects.
Square, (Basket) and Rectangular Doilies, (Placemats) are mainly used for bread and pastry baskets and on serving trays, for an upscale presentation.
Heart Paper Doilies also called Valentines Doilies are great for gift wrapping, card crafting, table setting, decorating and more

Learn how to use paper doilies:
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Here, we would like to introduce you to the Royal Lace most appreciated doily patterns:

MEDALLION LACE                                    FRENCH LACE 

Medallion Lace Paper Doilies by Royal Lace

NORMANDY LACE                                         FLORAL LACE  

Normandy Lace Paper Doilies by Royal Lace  Floral Lace Paper Doilies by Royal Lace

BASKET LACE                                                  GOTHIC LACE

Basket Square Lace Paper Doilies by Royal Lace   Gothic Oval Paper Doilies by Royal Lace


Bobbin- Lace French Placemats by Royal Lace Berkshire Lace Paper Placemats by Royal Lace


Valentine Paper Doilies by Royal Lace

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