Save Summer Memories in a Scrapbook

Use Geographics embellishments to enhance scrapbook pages.
Use Geographics embellishments to enhance scrapbook pages.

Sadly, summer is drawing to a close. Before you know it, the kids will be heading back to school and the leaves will be changing from bright green to deep orange and red. Chances are that you have taken next to a million pictures over the past few months. Snapshots of family reunions, graduations, outdoor BBQs and lazy days by the pool, are all sitting on your computer just waiting for you to print them.

Creating a scrapbook of all your summer photos is not only a great way to archive your photos, but also a great way to tell a story about your summer adventures. Each page is a new story.

Scrapbooking is easy, fun and economical when you print your pictures at home. All you need is photo paper. It comes in a variety of sizes, depending on what size scrapbook you’re creating, how many photos you want on each page and if you’re going to crop the photos. Using the iClickn’Print Design Center, you can easily print photos using your home printer. The iClickn’Print software allows you to add text to your photos, create borders and insert shapes. You can let your creativity go wild.

Once you have all your pictures ready, you can begin the process of building your memory book. Starting with the background paper, you can go simple with a solid color paper or create a theme using custom paper. Then comes the fun part of adding your photos to the page and making it come to life. Using iClickn’Print, you can customize your background paper as well as your photos. Add titles, a blurb about what’s happening in the picture or just add fun embellishments.

The joy of creating a scrapbook comes from the process of reliving the memories that you are preserving. It’s a great activity to do with your kids or the whole family. So gather up your photos, start printing and save some memories.

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