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Geographics announces a new Education Discount Program for all educational institutions.  All schools that subscribe to the program can save between 15% and 25% on each order, depending on the order value.  Create a regular user account if you have not done so, already. then fill out the  EDU application. We are looking for school emails that end in .edu.  All  applicants will get a response within 24 business hours.  The program is only available on

The Education Discount Program is designed to foster a win-win partnership between educational institutions and American manufacturing is in need of strong support. At the same time, pre-schools, K-12 schools and universities are constrained by tight budgets and need to carefully administrate their expenditure. The Education Discount Program will serve both needs by providing schools with a large variety of paper products at a lower price.



Geographics®, Royal Brites®, and Royal Lace® branded paper products.
Geographics Certificates & Diplomas, Document Covers and Foil Seals, School Design Paper, Printable Cards, Invitations with school-themed designs and more. Rightly priced, our high quality designs and papers can make a big difference especially when combined with Free Templates.

Royal Brites® Poster Board, Project Board, Foam Board and Photo Paper are  Made in USA and are being heavily used by the educational community.  Our poster board has a C2S special coating that ensures UV resistance. It will not fade in the sun. Also, it is water resistant meaning that there will be no ink smudging. With Royal Brites you are being protected from environmental factors that can change the chemistry of the inks, paints  or markers used.  Check out the  Science Fair project board and Foam board regularly used for science fair projects, signs, posters and arts and crafts. Our Accessories are meant to embellish your projects.

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