Create your Science Fair Project with iClicknPrint

Create your Science Fair Project with iClicknPrint Design Center and Royal Brites Tri-fold Project Board, Made in the USA
All science fair projects start with the basic three-sided display board, but that’s where the similarity ends.
From colorful cut-out lettering to professional-looking charts and graphs, there are countless ways to create a unique presentation for a science experiment. A printed display would be ideal—but commercial printing is expensive.
However, with the our free IClicknPrint EZ Poster Print Program, you can print out the entire project on your home printer.

Iclicknprint Design Center and Royal Brites Tri-fold Project Board, Made in the USA

Create an exemplary project board using the layering technique. Elements of the science experiment—title, hypothesis, procedure, conclusion, etc.—can be printed onto a standard-sized piece of paper.
Customize the sections one at a time with easy-to-use text boxes, clip art, and different fonts and colors. Hover over a font or a color to preview the many available options instantaneously. Resizing or repositioning the text or art is a simple matter of clicking and dragging.
iClickn’Print’s extensive collection of clip art offers related images that enhance the visual effect of your project.

For your project’s title, use a big, eye-catching font. Include space between each letter if you’d like to cut them out individually and glue them onto the project board in a creative array. iClickn’Print also makes it easy to include a large, legible title on each section of the project.

To make the material stand out, add photos, illustrations, or graphs. Bar graphs, line graphs, and even pie charts are visually appealing and will help your audience interpret the experiment’s results. However, keep it simple.
The science fair will feature numerous projects, so the focus of your project should be visible, at a glance.

Ease of design is one of the biggest advantages to iClickn’Print. Each piece of the project can be moved around to best effect on the template. You don’t need to be a visual artist; all you need to do is drag and drop until the layout looks great and forms a logical arrangement. When you have a plan for where each piece will go, then you can DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT and print the pages using your home printer. No special paper is necessary.

Assembly is a breeze. You already know where each piece belongs—just look at your virtual template and assemble the pieces on your Royal Brites tri-fold board. When your project stands alongside the others at the science fair, you can be sure that it will stand out. The fully printed results will be easy to read, pleasing to the eye, and result in a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.

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