Sports Award Certificates to Honor Students

Sports Printable Certificates with Seals Geographics
Sports Printable Certificates with Seals Geographics

If your family members, friends, or students deserve recognition for skill in sports, sports award certificates are inexpensive, personalized gifts that can encourage your honorees to keep striving for achievement. The best part is that you can easily and quickly make them your home or office using a computer and printer.

Sports award certificates can be made using a variety of printable certificates. Some factors you may want to take into consideration are the age of your recipient, the formality of the award ceremony, your recipient’s stylistic preferences etc. For example, if your students are young children, using printable sports certificates will add a fun mood to your awards. If your ceremony is more formal, and/or for older children or teenagers, using parchment certificates with a traditional filigree or foil border will add a sense of significance to the award.

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Printable certificates for sports awards are most commonly 8.5”x11” letter size. As a result, creating and printing your awards using your home or school office equipment is super easy. If you like the idea of making your design from scratch, you can do so simply using a word processing program. For instance, to make a traditional certificate, all you need to do is set your page layout with the Landscape orientation and type your message in the desired font(s). For an extra personal touch, you can import your own digital images and clip art.

Templates and design software can be convenient tools in a number of ways when designing and printing custom sports award certificates. In many cases, you can find certificate & award templates free to download online from stationery websites, so they are great tools to use on a budget. Downloadable templates can come in many formats depending on the source, but one example is the MS Word template. The templates open in a word processing program and may feature textboxes and similar guides which help you create your layout and print your project. Design software, such as the iClicknPrint Design Center offered by, will typically feature more advanced style options as well as easy-to-use pre-made templates. No matter your design needs, there are many choices of design tools out there to help you create a memorable sports award for any recipient.

Making your own sports award certificates gives you the power to create awards that personally convey your pride and appreciation for your honorees. DIY with printable certificates and save!

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