Lexmark Photo Paper – Why Choose a Value Brand?

Lexmark PerfectFinish Photo PaperYou may wonder what the benefits are of choosing a photo paper with a valuable brand name, like Lexmark. Usually big brands stand behind their products and produce consistent quality photo paper. There are continual improvements in quality and variety, and never deterioration.
Lexmark, though not as valuable as HP or Epson, has been on the market for some time with products such as Lexmark photo paper, inkjet printers and cartridges and more.

Unlike other brands, Lexmark photo paper works in all inkjet printers, not only in Lexmark printers.  Since Royal Consumer Products LLC took the distribution of Lexmark photo paper in the US and Europe, you can find glossy and premium high gloss photo paper on the Geographics and TheRoyalStore websites. If you wish to resell a product you can buy in bulk and get a considerable discount! The reseller program is available on www.geographics.com only.  Geographics offers a selection of various photo paper brands, so check it out!

Thanks to the latest technology, printing high quality photos from home is affordable and easy, and there is plenty of photo paper to choose from. You just need to get the right photo paper grade at the right price.  Lexmark photo paper is designed to have all of the qualities that are expected of good photo paper –  great color output and image detail, a fast drying time and archival photo quality to name a few.

Lexmark PerfectFinish Photo Paper is heavyweight, 68lb, 255gsm, extremely bright white and it produces vibrant, resilient photos that can last 100 years. Though designed for best performance with Lexmark printers, it performs extremely well in all the other inkjet printers.  If you want an all-around great photo paper, you can’t go wrong with Lexmark.  And the price is just right!

The extra benefit for buying Lexmark photo paper from Geographics.com is the use of their iClick n’ Print software that allows you to create various types of photo projects using 8.5”x11” and 4”x6” Lexmark photo paper.  Print two 5”x7” photos on an 8.5”x11” sheet or photo greeting cards, wallet and passport photos, photo collages, scrapbook projects and more. It is easy to use, has many creative features and it saves your projects so you can come back to them in the future.

In general, glossy and high gloss photo paper are great for all-purpose photos for any school or business project—Lexmark photo paper takes glossy paper to a new level by producing outstanding quality photos and also being convenient to use. Lexmark is the best in their class when it comes to photo longevity. Your photos will be fantastic whether you share them right after printing or several decades from now.

Using a product like Lexmark photo paper will help you print photos that you’ll want to share again and again.  Check out Lexmark and some other great photo paper brands at Geographics.com today to find the photo paper that’s best for you!