Make Personalized School Certificates to Reward Students

Printable School Certificate TheRoyalStoreIn the classroom, awards such as handmade school certificates can go far to encourage children to do their best.  School and kids certificates can be made quickly and easily using printable certificates.  If desired you can add physical touches such as calligraphy or stickers to make your awards more personal, but you will save the most time by creating your overall design digitally.  With the right tools and materials, you can make professional-looking certificates in minutes.

Online, you can find the widest selection of printable school certificates.  If you want to make traditional awards, look for parchment or non-parchment printable certificates with a filigree border; you can easily find them in basic colors like blue, green, burgundy, gold, or silver.  However, if you are making certificates for younger students, using a school-themed certificate design will add a fun, celebratory mood to the occasion.  School certificates are available designs that show achievement in a special school subject or activity, such as sports certificates.

If you are shopping in an office supply store, you are likely to find printable school certificates in the standard 8.5”x11” letter size.  However, online you will also see 2UP and 3UP certificate varieties which have two and three certificate per sheet, respectively.  Smaller certificates may appeal to younger children and they are also perfect for gift certificates!  Furthermore, they can save you time when printing your awards.

You can create school certificates using many digital methods.  If you are using 8.5”x11” certificates, you can design your own template with ease in a program such as MS Word.  Simply orient your document accordingly (traditional certificates are oriented landscape), type your message using your preferred font(s), add any digital embellishments such as clip art or a logo, and then print!  Alternatively, you can use a free award certificate template from an outside source; downloadable templates can be found online stationery retailers.  The benefit of using pre-made templates is that they offer a structured layout in which to enter the content for your certificate, preventing printing errors.  Furthermore, they are often available free of charge!

Giving students school certificates is a great way of positively reinforcing hard work and good behavior.  The iClickn’Print Design Center, a program offered to customers of, can help you create classy awards and other stationery with the help of templates and design tools.  DIY and save!

Create Certificates of Appreciation to Celebrate Achievements in a Personal Way

Certificate of Appreciation TheRoyalStoreIf you’re looking to bring attention to the accomplishments of colleagues, pupils, friends, or family members, creating a handmade certificate of appreciation for them is an original and meaningful way of showing how proud you are.  Using a pack of printable certificates to digitally design and print your awards will make the creation process a breeze and also give you the freedom to print professional-looking certificates using your preferred design style.

A certificate of appreciation can feature any design and embellishments you choose; it all depends on your award recipients!  If you are making a certificate for co-workers, for example, you may want to opt for a clean and simple set of printable certificates.  Certificates made from parchment paper give a business-like impression and typically include intricate border designs in blue, red, green, gold or silver.  Parchment certificates also come in varieties with foil borders; these certificates look classy and will grab the attention of an audience.  On the other hand, if you are making certificates for children, certificates with school or sports designs are very fitting.  Shopping online, you are likely to find printable certificates with themed designs that celebrate a child’s proficiency in specific school subjects.  Using a themed certificate will make a child feel appreciated and also encourage a student to continue his or her hard work!

There are many ways to personalize a certificate of appreciation.  While printable certificates are intended for printing, some people choose to use more craft-oriented methods to make a certificate such as calligraphy, etc.  However, using a digital tool such as a free certificate template or a design program can offer you a lot of creative options.  Free templates are usually available online from stationery retailers.  By using them, you will have a pre-made layout for your certificate design to aid with printing.  All you need to do is type in your message and add decorative clip art or images, such as a school logo, if desired.  Even if using a template, it is helpful to print a test page on normal printer paper to make sure that your design appears as it is supposed to before you print on your purchased printable certificates.

A design program can assist you in creating a certificate of appreciation in as little as a few minutes.  As with templates, stationery design tools are typically offered by retailers of printable certificates and other stationery.  One example of such a program is the iClickn’Print Design Center offered by TheRoyalStore.  It has a variety of templates that come complete with clip art and certificate wording all in one place.  In addition, it features a selection of creative tools text boxes, fun fonts and colors, and shapes and lines so you can make an original certificate design suitable for any recipient.  In order to use the iClickn’Print Design Center, you must purchase a Geographics or Royal Brites product.

Making a certificate of appreciation is fun, easy, and it will mean a lot to your recipient.  By creating DIY personal gifts, you can save a lot of money and make memorable impressions on your loved ones.

Types of Printable Certificates and How to Use Them

Printable Foil Certificates GeographicsMaking a certificate for an employee, volunteer, or student using printable certificates is an excellent gift idea because it is an inexpensive process that allows you to show your appreciation in a highly personal way!  Printable certificates are available in more forms than you may think, so it is important to be aware of your choices in order to pick the best type of certificate for your project.

In general, you’ll find printable certificates in the standard 8.5”x11” paper size.  Using an 8.5”x11” size certificate is convenient because all you have to do is stick it in your printer and print your design without worrying too much about your page format.  However, you can also find printable certificates available in smaller sizes such as 2UP and 3UP certificates which have two and three certificates per sheet respectively.  Smaller certificates serve particularly well when making awards for young students or making gift certificates for community or business events.  The only tricky part about using 2UP and 3UP awards is that you’ll need to adjust your design so it prints out correctly on each certificate; using a certificate template with the appropriate layout can help to facilitate the process of printing multiple certificates per page.

Naturally, you’ll see printable certificates in a vast selection of designs, especially when searching for them on the web.  If you’re interested in a classic look, parchment certificates are the type for you.  Certificates with parchment backgrounds look very professional and they also feature impressively detailed border designs in basic colors such as gold, blue, and green.  Non-parchment certificates are the most casual type of certificate designs, so you can also find them in the largest variety of colors and themed designs.  Foil certificates are pleasing to the eye because they add a bit of a flash to a traditional certificate design; they are sure to make your recipients feel proud!

Nothing makes a personalized certificate quite so special as your own embellishments, and with a little creativity, you can quickly and easily make your awards unique for all of your recipients.  For example, adding the logo for your company, organization, or school is one small step you can take to help your awards feel all the more authentic.  From there, making digital additions such as clip art or images can further enhance the celebratory mood of the occasion.  After you’ve printed your awards, adding items such as ribbons, seals, or stickers and using a document cover or frame will improve the overall presentation of your certificates.

Creating custom awards with printable certificates will leave a lasting impression on your award recipients.  Make DIY certificates to have fun and save money at the same time!

Make a Certificate as a Meaningful, Inexpensive Gift

Click n' Print Certificate

Creating a customized certificate has never been easier with Click n’ Print

If a family member, friend, pupil, or colleague in your life deserves to be celebrated, making a certificate for them is an excellent way to show that you formally recognize his or her accomplishments.  Certificates are impressive, low cost gifts you can make in a short amount of time. offers certificates in a standard 8.5”x11” size or a mini 3UP size (three certificates per sheet) which is great for gift certificates.  Printable certificates come in a wide variety of styles and patterns, so finding a great pattern is the first step in making a certificate that will leave a lasting impression on your award’s recipient.

At, you can make a certificate from a large choice of decorative styles.  If you’re aiming to make a traditional-looking certificate, check out parchment certificates and foil filigree certificates.  If you’re looking for something plain and simple, check out non-parchment certificates as well.  If your certificate will go to a child, mini 3UP certificates are great for making cute awards!

Learning how to make a certificate on your own is fun and easy.  Now that you have the appropriate certificate paper, you’re going to need a design program or some templates for your certificate layout; this will ensure that your finished certificate has a clean, professional look. offers free certificate templates that come complete with customizable headings, fill-in lines, clipart, and suggested wording.  All Geographics templates can be downloaded from and open in Microsoft Word so you can make and print your certificate in a snap.  In addition to certificate templates, you’ll find templates for all sorts of projects.

Looking for a more robust way to make a certificate?  Try Click n’ Print, a free design program from  Click n’ Print lets you create a certificate template from scratch or work on a ready-made template and use suggested wording options to make awards fast if you are under a deadline.  You can customize fonts, colors, layout, and easily insert free clip art or your own images into your template with a few clicks of your mouse.  Since Click n’ Print operates online, you can also save your templates and access them anytime to work on them later.  And as certificate-making often involves giving awards to a large number of people, you can edit and print up to ten templates simultaneously to personalize certificates in bulk to save time.  With Click n’ Print’s easy-to-use interface, you can create professional quality certificates in minutes—totally for free!

Making a personalized certificate for someone is a great way to give back to the special people in your life without breaking the bank.  To make your award all that it can be, consider adding accessories like ribbons and seals or using a document cover or frame to give your certificate an authentic feel.  You’ll find everything you need to make a certificate at—sign up for our newsletter and get a $5 coupon towards your next purchase!