The Anatomy of a Great Business Sign

Your business’ sign is a lot like the cover of a book. If the design is eye-catching and intriguing, it will have passersby wanting to see what’s going on inside your business, but if your signs fall flat, your business becomes just another part of the scenery. We have four simple tips to help you create the perfect signs for your business.

Be Different: In order for a sign to be noticed, it has to stand out from its surroundings. Bland signs don’t catch the eye. They fade into the background or worse, turn off customers altogether. Make your signs pop by using contrasting colors and unique design elements such as oversized lettering.

Pick the Right Colors: Choosing the right color isn’t just about what you like personally. There are a number of factors to consider . Do you already have an established brand color? If so, that color needs to be carried into your signs. Colors can have a psychological impact on people. Decide how you want people to feel, what you want them to think when they see signs for your business and then do a little research on color psychology; choose your colors accordingly.

Make it Legible: You can choose the perfect colors and create a visually stunning sign, but if your sign isn’t legible, your message is lost. Text needs to be large enough to read and needs to stand out from the background. Consider the speed of traffic outside of your business. If you’re a small shop on Main Street, you can use smaller print, as most passing traffic is on foot, but if your potential customers are driving past your business at 35 miles per hour, you need to make sure the text is large enough to read.

Keep it Fresh: Just like a new coat of paint can rejuvenate a room, so can new, updated signs rejuvenate your business. Old, faded, outdated signs give a bad first impression of your business. Potential customers may think you don’t care about how you present yourself to the public. Updating your signs regularly shows that you are proactive, and it will renew potential customers’ interest.

Take a look at your signs. Is it time for an upgrade? Are your signs pulling in customers off the street? If it’s time for a change, take a look at how iClickn’Print can help you give your business a facelift.

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