The Art of Business Colors in Marketing

color wheel
color wheel

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of well-designed marketing material. You need a logo that pops, a brand that customers recognize, and print materials that draw the eye. Choosing the right color for these elements is vital to your business’ success.

Colors convey emotion, can influence decisions, and create reactions within your body. So have you chosen the right colors to represent your business. Find out if you’re using the subtle language of color to draw in customers or push them away.

Black: To infuse some drama into your marketing materials, add some bold, black elements. Black has also long stood for elegance and sophistication. Black is the perfect color for a business that exudes power, stability and authority.

White: Ever wonder why all doctors wear white coats? It’s because white makes people think clean and sterile. The use of white space in design is vitally important. It gives the eyes a place to rest and provides relief from visual clutters. The improper use of white space will ruin an otherwise stellar design idea.

Red: Get their blood pumping with red! Red is the most emotionally intense color, which explains why it has the ability to quicken your heart and breath, even raise your blood pressure. Use red if you want to create urgency in your buyers.

Orange: A close relative of red, orange signifies vibrancy and confidence. Orange is one of many colors that attracts impulse buyers and is therefore very powerful when used in outlet malls, fast food and clearance sales.

Yellow: The color yellow is an eye-catcher, but with that comes the fact that yellow easily tires the eyes. Used properly though, yellow is a strong advertising color. Yellow evokes happiness and cheer, making it an excellent accent color if you want to inject a little bit of cheer into your design.

Green: Want your company to be associated with health and nature? Add green to your design. In addition to being a fresh color, green is also used to convey status and wealth.

Blue: Blue suggests trust and security. This is your go to color if you want your brand to be strong and dependable. Notable businesses that rely on blue’s dependability are Lowe’s, American Express and Ford.

Purple: The ultimate luxury color, purple is often used to attract women. Using purple is a bold move, so it must be done right. Choose wisely, as purple is a rare color in nature, and can look artificial if the wrong shade is used.

Don’t underestimate the power of color in your marketing materials. When you cannot be face-to-face with potential customers, the right color will play a large role in closing the sale! Use iClicknPrint to create brochures, business cards, invitations, certificates, sign boards and many more marketing materials.

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