Tools for Teaching Your Kids at Home

Learning at Home

If you have chosen to home-school your children, you have made a huge commitment to ensure the growth and development of their young minds. This is a big responsibility that often comes with a big price tag. As a home-school teacher you are financially responsible for all of your curriculum resources, classroom essentials and teaching aids. We understand that buying all these materials can get expensive, which is why we have built iClickn’Print to design and print a number of different projects that can be used to create your own teaching materials without breaking the bank.

school project board 1
school project board 1

School Visual Aids

Visual aids are a great way to engage your children and give them a visual reference to help them retain the information that you are presenting. Use affordable poster board and poster board accessories with iClickn’Print Design Center to create visual aids that will last for years to come and use them for all your children.

Incorporating games into lessons brings fun to the classroom. A simple game of memory can take any lesson from dull to engaging. Creating your own set of memory cards is as easy as printing images on one side of a business card and facts or figures on the other side. You can even test their knowledge by putting questions on half of the cards and having your kids search for the card with the proper answer.

Organizing School Materials

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of keeping all of your home-school resources, teaching aids and materials organized so that you can spend your time filling those young minds with knowledge rather than looking for your next lesson plan. A simple filing system can be created quickly by affixing custom labels to manila and hanging folders. Add a little color to jazz up the labels. No one ever said organization needed to be boring!

We know you must have some ideas of your own on affordable classroom materials that you can create using iClickn’Print. Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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