Tri-Fold Brochures for Business Events

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When it comes to business or community events, ordering tri-fold brochures can be costly and time-consuming. Did you know that you can easily create your own brochures right from your desk with some quality brochure paper and a brochure template? offers the finest office stationery and photo paper so you can create a brochure that will satisfy your clients.

A large part of making great tri-fold brochures is choosing the proper paper.  Brochures are meant to be touched and held, so utilizing the best brochure paper you can find will really make a difference in impressing your audience. features a wide variety of brochure paper including satin finish brochure paper (which resists fingerprints and liquid), designer brochure paper, and themed brochure paper.  Using paper that makes your brochures look attractive will go far to draw people to your cause.

iclicknprint customize brochure paper

Since tri-fold brochures are usually printed in mass quantities, designing your own brochure may seem like a daunting task.

However, having the ability to work on your brochure yourself will ensure that it comes out exactly how you want it. The best part is if you’re having second thoughts about your layout you can make any changes you want along the way. All free templates from come with simple instructions and open in Microsoft Word, so you can use all of your favorite Word features to customize for your brochure. Just make sure to orient your page in the landscape style so your brochure will print out correctly.

If you enjoy working with design software, consider trying iClickn’Print to create your tri-fold brochures in an easy-to-use interface. iClickn’Print is a free online design program offered by It features an assortment of creative tools so you can make a unique brochure template of your own without having to worry about the technical details. The best part is once you create a free account you can save your templates online and access them later so you can print out more brochures when you need them!

With the right paper and materials, your tri-fold brochures will look professionally printed and your business will shine in the eyes of your clients. Check out today to find a huge selection of printable office stationery!

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