Two Cool® Colors Poster Board

Royal Brites Poster Board Primary Assorted Two Cool

Did you know that Two Cool Colors® Poster Board Royal Brites® poster board is coated with graphic–arts quality coating? Most of our competitors’ poster board is merely died. The smooth finish provides a brighter color, protects the poster board from fading in the sun and keeps the color from bleeding exposed to water.

Speaking about the color, Royal Brites® has a patented product line, the Two Cool Colors® Poster Board made to create more eye-catching and imaginative possibilities for signs and signage, school projects, event announcements and arts and crafts and to save space in the retail store displays.

The unique Two Cool Colors® Poster Board uses two complementary colors back to back on a single poster board sheet to form a duo of bright, long-lasting and attractive colors.

Color combinations include sparkling silver-gold poster board, orange-black poster board, red-green poster board, blue-yellow poster board, light blue-dark blue poster board and fluorescent or neon poster board combinations.

The fluorescent neon two cool colors poster board comes in five neon colors: neon red, neon pink, neon orange, chartreuse and neon green.

The matched colors are ideal for adding attention-grabbing creativity to a multitude of projects, from street signs to classroom projects and card crafting.

Some ideas:

  • Make beautiful cards using die-cutting tools. The inside card will show a different color.
  • Cut out letters and numbers in different fonts and sizes, to use on both sides. Use pins for multiple uses.
  • Create stunning business cards. Cut the poster board in 8.5×11” sheets. Print your cards using one of our free Business Cards templates. Print front and back.
  • Create unique post cards for business or personal use.

Come up with your own ideas and become one of the winners of our Royal Club Weekly Contest. Your idea will be featured in the Royal Crafts and Ideas section or our store, for years to come.

Royal Brites® Two Cool Colors® Poster Board. What a concept!

Two Cool Colors Poster Board or 2Cool Colors is manufactured under Royal Brites, in the USA by Mafcote Inc, one of the oldest US paper coaters.

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