Victorian Party Favors

Impress your guests with elegant favors you made yourself. Use them as door decorations or fill them with candy and use as a place setting!

Materials Needed:

Buy Royal Lace Paper Doilies


victorian party favors 1
Victorian party favors
  1. Place doily face down on a flat surface (FIG. A)
  2. Fold in half as shown. The design should be visible (FIG. B)
  3. Fold corners up to the 12 o’clock position, bringing the folded edges together to form a seam up the center (FIG. C)
  4. With scissors, carefully cut 6 evenly spaced slots about ¼” in form each folded edge as shown. Place slot directly across from each other. Be careful, not to cut the folded edge! (FIG. C)
  5. Lace a 24” piece of ribbon through slots and tie at top as shown (FIG. D)
  6. To make the handle, trace a small plate or other round edge to draw a 6” circle. Using a slightly smaller round edge, trace a 5” circle inside the first one (FIG. E)
  7. Fold the circle in half with the lines facing out. Carefully match up the lines so they are back to back , then cut our the handle (FIG. F)
  8. Place handle inside the triangle doily with folded edges about ½” down. Secure with tape or glue (FIG. G)
  9. If desired, make a base by cutting a small triangle out of another doily or stiff paper (FIG. H)

Please note these are only decorations and are not designed to stand on their own.

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