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Materials Needed:

1 Royal Brites® white poster board
1 Royal Brites® neon pink poster board
• 2 yards of 1 inch wide dotted or checked ribbon
• 1 2″ white pom pom
• 1 1/5″ pink pom pom
• 2 of 15 mm oval doll eyes Pink, Dark Gray and Light Gray markers
• 3 -small purple silk flowers
• hot glue gun and white glue


    1. Cut a 14” circle from the pink poster board cut this piece in half creating a half moon. Shape into a cone overlapping an inch or two.
    2. Glue into place.
    3. Cut the ears, feet, head and hands from the white poster board. Inner ears are cut from the pink.
    4. Hot glue eyes and nose onto face and draw in mouth and whiskers with the dark gray pen, fill in the mouth with pink marker and make fur strokes with the light gray marker.
    5. Glue the inner ear onto the large ears.


  1. Cut two 8” pieces of ribbon and hot glue into the inside top of cone for legs. Cut a 10” piece of ribbon and fold in half and hot glue the half point to the outside top of cone for arms. Each foot and hands will require two pieces glued to the ends of ribbon front and back.
  2. Draw on lines to create toes and fingers.
  3. Glue the ears behind the face piece, then glue the two head pieces together at the top. Place the head onto the cone and hot glue front face to front of dress and back of head to back of dress.
  4. Glue flowers to front of dress and make a bow and glue to top of head. Glue tail to back of dress.

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