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Photo paper is a key material when it comes to inkjet photo printing, but there are tons of brands to choose from and not all of them are equal in quality.  Very few companies still produce photo paper in the US, but one of them is Miami Valley LLC, located in Franklin, Ohio.  Royal Brites photo paper has been on the market for many years and developed for use with all inkjet printers at an affordable price, a rarity when it comes to photo paper.

Many times, you’ll see photo paper in three different grades: glossy, premium high gloss, and professional high gloss.  Everyday glossy paper is a great choice for day-to-day photo printing or for making personal albums because it mimics the look and feel of a developed photograph.  Premium and professional papers differ in paper thickness, glossiness, drying time and longevity.  They are both bright white in color which means that the printed tones of an image will be sharp and vibrant.  

Thanks to the paper’s sturdiness and resistance to yellowing, professional paper will produce photos that still look great decades after you print them.

Royal Brites photo paper features the latest technology to offer you a photo paper that has the qualities you need.  For example, instant-dry papers are able to dry so quickly because the paper is designed to be micro-porous, which means that the ink is absorbed very quickly.  However, they may fade sooner than other papers because the ink does not seep into the paper deeply.  Photo papers that are fade resistant have a swellable characteristic that allows them to last longer.

The Royal Brites photo paper brand stands out because of how many options it offers a buyer of photo paper.  Most people think of glossy photos when they think of a photograph — Royal Brites offers several finishes other than just glossy and high glossMatte photo paper is unique because it features a subtle finish that does not produce glare; since this is a lighter weight paper you can also print on both sides!  Satin-finished photo paper (also known as “semi-gloss” paper) is less shiny and sticky than a glossy-finished paper so fingerprints will not show as much.  Royal Brites brochure paper comes in a matte-satin finish, so it is a great paper to use when printing professional documents that will be handled extensively.

The benefits of choosing an experienced, US-made photo paper brand are bountiful — check out Royal Brites paper at TheRoyalStore to find a fantastic selection.

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