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Buy Royal Lace Paper Doilies & Placemats made in the USA with unique and intricate designs.
Avaliable in multiple shapes, colors and sizes, doilies are great for home use, parties, arts and crafts projects etc. We are featuring a food service doilies and placemats line which is great for pastry shops, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, catering business, etc. 

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    12" Medallion Lace Paper Doilies Royal Lace, 8/PK

    Size: 12"
    Weight: 40 gsm
    From: $5.99

    Get the most unique patterns of lace paper doilies you will ever find.
    We can supply the most elegant paper doilies, in any quantity, large or small, at affordable prices.
    All Royal Lace doiles are made with 100 year old handmade dies and come in round, square, rectangular and heart doily shapes. The Royal Lace unique patterns are a precise imitation of the best royal lace patterns on display in various European museums.

    Medallion Lace doilies;
    Normandy lace doilies
    French lace doilies
    Berkshire & Bobbin Lace placemats...

    Buy doilies and placemats made in the USA by Royal Lace®!

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