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Watch Doilies Make The Difference Video

Have you ever been curious to learn about paper doilies?
How to use them is an endless story!
From elegance and stylish presentations to practical use such as protection against scratches or spots, this video will teach you all there is about doilies and how to best put them to work.
Learn how to use Royal Lace® Paper Doilies in your home, in bakeries and pastry shops, in your restaurant or catering business and more.
Take the time to watch this vintage video.

The Creative Doily Brochure Royal Lace

FREE! Get The Creative Doily Brochure by Royal Lace®

Discover the appeal and sophistication of Royal Lace® paper doilies. Royal Lace® dollies are the perfect way to bring it all together from the finishing touch to an attractive table selling, to special food presentations or fun craft ideas. Unique patterns, elegance and style !

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