Poster Board Royal Brites

Royal Brites Poster Board® comes in four sizes, 20"x30", 22"x28", 14"x22" and 11"x14". Sign Board is available in 8.5"x14" printable size.
Coated 2 sides with a water, fade resistant coating, our US made Royal Brites Poster Board offers a coated layer of ink receprive color on each side.
Our 2 Cool Colors™ Poster Board
- is coated with a different color on each side.
The Fluorescent Neon Board is great for signs and signage but you can also go for primary colors, black and white and grid board.
Try Geographics® Design Poster Board for school and announcement projects, arts and crafts and more.
Try - Customize - Royal Brites E-Z Print and choose which Royal Brites product to customize for free, using our pre-made templates or your own creativity to print your projects in layers.

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    Poster Board White Gridboard 1 Side, Heavyweight 18 pt., 22"x28", 25/Case

    Size: 22"x28"
    Weight: 18 pt.
    $46.69 - $62.25

    Poster board is an indispensable product. It is used extensively in schools and at home for various projects. Posterboard is great for artwork, signs and signage.

    Our Royal Brites poster board is made in the USA.
    Look for various sizes and colors and know that we coat our boards with a quality water and UV resistant coating which offers it longevity in conditions of environmental stress.
    For display board and signage look for Royal Brites Foam Board and Project Board that are also great for science fair projects. We also offer various display accessories.

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