5″ Medallion Silver Foil Doilies Royal Lace, 2000/box, 1 box/case


5″ Medallion Lace Silver Foil Doilies 2000/Box, 1 Box/Case.
Royal Lace® Medallion Silver Foil Doilies are round foil doilies for tabletop decoration and arts and crafts projects.
These doilies have an antique Medallion Lace design engraved on paper.
The design is a reproduction of a french lace.
All Royal Lace® doilies are unique.
They are made through engraving with intricate dies engraved by craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century, through engraving skills, rare today.
The lace reproductions simulate 15th century France and Belgium priceless laces which are museum pieces, today.
Foil Lace Paper Doilies can be used for festive occasions like Christmas parties, Valentine&#39s parties, weddings, anniversaries and any celebration that needs an extra touch of elegance.
These delicate Medallion Lace paper doilies are great for wrapping small gifts, for card making, arts and crafts projects and scrapbook projects.
Paper doilies are also great with paper boxes for cakes or take-out.
Food service doilies are the best and most inexpensive choice for hotels, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and hospitality in general.
Use as:

  • cake laces,
  • coasters,
  • beverage underliners
  • place on trays,
  • place in baskets
  • under juice glasses,
  • under sugar bowls,
  • under butter,
  • under a lemon,
  • under coffee urns,
  • under ashtrays,
  • under after-dinner mints,
  • under flower vases and more.

Royal Lace® food service doilies sell by the case, only.
Add the Old World elegance to your table with our unique Medallion Lace doilies.

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Silver Foil


Royal Lace

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44 gsm





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Acid Free, Lignin Free

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