Royal Lace® Paper Doilies, Placemats, Banner Paper & Shelf Liners

Royal Lace® Doilies

The most sophisticated and classy designs on the market, Royal Lace paper doilies have been produced since the 1920’s. Celebrate with Royal Lace doilies. Great for table settings, gifts and arts and crafts projects and more. Royal doily patterns were taken from the doilies on display in European museums, patterns made into paper doilies for you!

Royal Lace® Placemats

Our sophisticated placemat designs are die-cut and embossed in paper with extreme precision. Add elegance to trays, and table settings, use them for arts and crafts projects, cards, invitations and more.
Royal Lace placemats are made using old regal patterns of placemats displayed in European museums.
Treat yourselves, today!

Royal Lace® Shelf & Banner Paper

Royal Lace® Shelf & Banner Paper help you keep your shelves neat and organized.
Great as table covers, for kid scribbling, arts and crafts and school projects, etc…
Big Bargain Shelf Paper, Glazed Paper with a fine coating that makes it feel like satin to touch, Banner paper and more…
Proudly made in the USA!

Royal Lace® Doilies

Royal Lace® Paper Doilies are unique and they have an important story to tell: a story of elegance, artistry, and the quest for perfection.
A well known brand name for US-made Paper Doilies & Placemats, Baking Cups, and Shelf Lining Paper Rolls, the Royal Lace brand is about 100 years old. Mafcote Inc, one of the oldest US paper coating company and its affiliate, Royal Consumer Products are the owners of the brand.
The manufacturing of Royal Lace paper doilies and placemats, baking cups and shelf paper liners, started in 1920.  a tradition of over 100 years tell you something about beauty and good taste.

You may wonder where the Royal Lace name comes from. It comes from the lace patterns and designs made in the European convents for use in royal and aristocratic houses, for table setting and lady’s dresses.
Royal Lace patterns being are similar to the original royal lace pieces exhibited in European museums.

The metal dies used even today to make our sophisticated doilies were handcrafted by craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century, a trade that has completely disappeared.

Round Doilies are mainly used under plates, cups and glasses, for a clean and upscale look and protection, under pastry and cakes and for arts and crafts projects.

Square, (Basket) and Rectangular Doilies, (Placemats) are mainly used for bread and pastry baskets and on serving trays, for an upscale presentation.

Heart Paper Doilies also called Valentine Doilies are great for gift wrapping, card crafting, table setting, decorating and more

Whether you are a long-time Royal Lace doily user or a newcomer, we are pleased to have you as a customer and we are proud of our premium quality products.

Two often asked questions concern the origins of doily designs and names. The answers are interesting.

We look for exceptional lace patterns. The pattern must be classic and elegant but also modern and versatile, so that it works with traditional, contemporary and modern surroundings. When we find one, we give the lace pattern to our craftspeople who recreate and refine the design for our lace dollies and placemats.

The lace design name will usually denote the pattern’s lace origin, but our doilies are uniquely Royal.

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