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Locate the 5-digit item number in the bar code or on the product label. Enter it in the above search box and click the Download Template button.

How to find item#


  • STEP A: Click the 'Open template' button to open the Word file that contains the margins for your Geographics designer sheet. Click OPEN and a blank page will open.
  • STEP B: Click on the page and type in the text you want. Make the font, size and color changes you need. Whatever you do with the text, it will not cross borders of your Geographics designer sheet.
  • STEP C: Remember to save the file to your computer so you can use it again.
Business Cards
BlankorBackgroundBusinessCardsTemplateGeographics.doc Open template
BorderDesignBusinessCardsTemplateGeographics.doc Open template
LeftSideDesignBusinessCardsTemplateGeographics.doc Open template
A4BusinessCards.doc Open template
Certificates / Letterhead
8.5-x-11-Letterhead-Design-Paper-Template-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
8.5-x-11-Letterhead-Design-Paper-Template-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
Certificate-Template-Geographics-Landscape.doc Open template
Certificate-Template-Geographics-Portrait.doc Open template
3-up Gift Certificates
3-UP-Gift-Certificate-Template.doc Open template
2-up Certificates
2-UP-Certificate-Template-Free-Geographics-1.docx Open template
Tri-Fold Brochures
Tri-Fold-Brochure-Template-Geographics-Landscape.doc Open template
Tri-Fold-Brochure-Template-Geographics-Portrait.doc Open template
Greeting Cards
GreetingCardPortrait.doc Open template
GreetingCardLandscape.doc Open template
Post Cards 4UP
PostCardPortrait.doc Open template
PostCardLandscape.doc Open template
4UP-Cards-Word-Template.doc Open template
Note Cards / Fold Overs
8.5x5.5-Note-Cards-Template-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
8.5x5.5-Note-Cards-Template-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
Flat Cards
4.25-x-6.25-Flat-Card-Template-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
4.25-x-6.25-Flat-Card-Templates-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
Panel Cards & 2UP Invitations
Panel-Cards-Template.doc Open template
2-UP-Cards-Invitations-Template-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
2-UP-Cards-Invitations-Template-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
Opulence Wedding Kit
OpulenceThankYouENV.doc Open template
OpulenceSimpleFoldINV.doc Open template
OpulenceRSVPENV.doc Open template
OpulenceThankYouC.doc Open template
OpulenceSimpleFoldENV.doc Open template
OpulenceRSVP.doc Open template
OpulenceProgram.doc Open template
OpulencePlaceCard.doc Open template
OpulenceInvitationENV.doc Open template
OpulenceInvitation.doc Open template
2-UP-Cards-Invitations-Template-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
5.87-x-9-Invitation-Templates-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
2-UP-Cards-Invitations-Template-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
5.87-x-9-Invitation-Templates-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
6.25-x-9-Invitation-Templates-Landscape-Geographics.docx Open template
6.25-x-9-Invitation-Templates-Portrait-Geographics.docx Open template
Place Cards
Place-Cards-Template.doc Open template
Tent Cards/File Labels
tent_car.doc Open template
RSVP Cards
44479-White-RSVP-Cards-Template-Geographics.docx Open template
Tear Off Tickets
tear_off.doc Open template
Foil Seals
Certificate-Seals-Template-Geographics.docx Open template
Mailing Labels
mailing_labels.doc Open template
Ivory Rose Wedding Kit
IvoryRoseThankYouENV.doc Open template
IvoryRoseRSVPENV.doc Open template
IvoryRoseProgram.doc Open template
IvoryRoseThankYouCard.doc Open template
IvoryRoseRSVP.doc Open template
IvoryRosePlaceCard.doc Open template
IvoryRoseInvitationENV.doc Open template
IvoryRoseInvitation.doc Open template

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