Frequently Asked Questions - Templates FAQ

To print Royal Brites Blank Cards, you can use the Blank Business Cards Word Template.
If you do not have Word, you can use
Before you print your Royal Brites business cards, please make sure you print a test sheet on regular paper and check the alignment against the business card sheet.
For detailed Royal Brites Business Cards Instructions, read this instruction sheet

You can find templates for most products at:
You can choose between Word Templates and Click’n Print and AS A  BONUS, you can download FREE Free Word Certificate Templates
Open Publisher. Go to ‘Blank Publications’ and select the Business card.
Input your information. Go to ‘File,’ down to ‘Print,’ and in the lower left hand corner select ‘Page options.’
Make sure that ‘Print multiple copies per sheet’ is selected, and then click on ‘Custom Options.’
Set your margins as follows:
Side Margin - 0.75, Top Margin - 0.5, Vertical and Horizontal Gaps – 0.  Select ‘OK.’
It should now show a sample of the layout. Select ‘OK’ to print.
You can use Avery # 8387 or 5315 to print Note Cards and Post Cards
If you are using MS Publisher you can select your layout to fit the product size of the Geographics item you have purchased.
Each software version can be slightly different than the other, so your tool bar may be different.
On your tool bar click Arrange and then Layout Guidelines.
Specifically for business cards, you want to try the following settings for North American format:
Left .75"
Right .75"
Top .5"
Bottom .5"
Column 2
Rows 5
Helpful Hints:
  • You should always run a test sheet of paper through your printer to ensure it is lining up properly.
  • Your printer may have default print settings and they may conflict with what you are telling the page setup to do, so don't forget to choose the proper print settings before you start printing  your test page.
  • Try to stay away from printing a border around the inside of your card, if you want something on the edge. You may want to try a corner border or design in one or two corners.
  • Our instructions are meant as a guideline and not intended as a plug-and-play type format because we may not have the same version of the software that you have on your PC. You may have to manipulate the information or template to suite your software or printer.

The inserts included in our Postcards, Invitations, and Note Card packages state they are the same as Avery number 8398.
That number is a typo! The correct number should be either 8387 or 5315.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Our products are the same size as a few Avery template numbers. Avery template numbers can usually be found in the Tools/Labels section of most word processing software (like MS Word or Works.)
For example, our business cards are the same size as Avery number 5371 or 8371. The Invitations, Postcards, and Notecards are the same size as Avery number 5315 or 8387. Outside of the US and Canada this may be different.
Click’n Print is a Free Geographics® Stationery Software that allows you to print a Geographics® item and see its design in the background. To work with Click’n print, you need to Create an Account, Log in, Open New template, Personalize, Save and Print. All your saved templates can be found in Click’n Print at any time you decide to return to it and Log in.

If you have any questions about another template size/number please call our customer service at 800-436-4919 prompt 2.
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