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2CoolColors Light Blue-Dark Blue Poster Board size 22"x28"

Light Blue/Dark Blue Poster Board, 2 Cool Colors, 22x28, 5/PK
Royal Brites
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5 Count/Pack, Light Blue/Dark Blue
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25 Pack/Case, Light Blue/Dark Blue
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2 Count/Pack, Light Blue/Dark Blue
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Light Blue/Dark Blue Poster Board, 2 Cool Colors, 22"x28", 5/PK. 2 Cool Light Blue-Dark Blue posterboard is a patented US PAT 6,077,598, CAN PAT 2,233,751, double sided colored Poster Board, unique on the market features a different color on each side.A special smooth coating is applied on each side of the Poster Board surface to create a product that can be used twice.Royal Brites®, posterboard has unique features that enhance the quality of the 2 Cool Poster Board like: UV resistance, the color will stay the same for longer periods of time, water resistance, prevents the inks from washing out, ink, marker and pen receptivity, the inks and marker will be easily absorbed in the coating and will stand out. Use the Royal TwoCool Poster Board with a foamboard sheet as a display board, use with photographs to create photo display boards, create a poster, attach letters, shapes and pictures to it. Great for announcement boards and various posterboard projects, outdoor signs, sidewalk signs, indoor signs and signage. Other posterboard ideas: mount our Poster Board on a board and use our adhesive borders to link the two at the top. You can then flip the posterboard on either side and use both colors, twice the colors twice the space. You can use it the same way with our corrugated tri-fold presentation board to create a professional display board or a poster presentation board. Make a Poster Board collage, use it for an eye-catching science project, for any school or kindergarten project or school presentation, student of the month or students' corner displays, business presentations, etc.For Poster Board ideas, see our recommendations in the Ideas section. Decorating a Poster Board has never been easier with our Royal Brites®, Project Works Poster Board accessories line, consisting of markers in 2 Cool Fluorescent Neon colors, adhesive and removable Poster Boardorders, lacing borders, letters and numbers in paper vinyl black, white and Fluorescent Neon colors, stencils and shapes etc.Look for Royal Brites®, Project Works posterboard accessories.
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Brand: Royal Brites
UOM: Case; Pack
Product Type: Poster Board 2 Cool Colors
Paper Weight: 11 pt, 250 gsm
Board Thickness: 11 pt; 12 pt
Size: 22"x28"
Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue
Other Features: 2 Cool Colors
Count/Pack: 1; 2; 5
Packs/Case: 10; 12; 25

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