Fun Poster Board Projects Perfect for the Easter Break

Here are some Poster Board fun projects for Easter to keep your children engaged in fun and creative activities. Whether you plan on spending Easter at home, taking a family trip or visiting friends or family, we know that enjoying quality time with your children or grandchildren is always a treasured moment of the celebration.

Have a look at the below suggested activities and choose the ones that work best for you. For successful projects, get the right Royal Brites Poster Board Size and colors.

A versatile, unique and  most loved product is the patented Royal Brites concept 2Cool Colors™, featuring a different color on each side of the Poster Board. Kids may love crafting with the Fluorescent Neon Red and Green posterboard, now that spring is here with lots of love (green+red).

Gorgeous 3D Poster Board Pop Up Cards

This is a perfect project to try out with a group of girls and works well for different ages. All you need is scissors, a printer and paper [we recommand EZ Poster 8.5″x14″ for the cards and color paper for the blooms and leaves. Watch the video and download the templates. This is a simple project, it requires a minimum of supplies and kids can work on it anywhere, anyhow. Just print out the templates ahead of time, bring child friendly scissors and stock up on paper and board.
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Dino Balloons

This is a project that works great for both boys and girls. It does require a bit of adult supervision if the kids are younger but it will keep them busy and happy. In the meantime, you’ll have a moment to finish setting up for a delicious Easter meal or to catch up with the other grown-ups in the room.

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Paper Crocodile

For this project, you’ll need Dark Green Poster Board, Scissors, Adhesive, Scale, Pencil and Sketch Pen. The kids will need a bit of help with measuring paper sizes but you could take advantage and use it as a creative way to work on their math skills.

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Make the most out of your time together, with creative and engaging projects using posterboard. We hope you will enjoy testing these paper and board projects out. You can buy your Poster Board and Color Paper in stores or you can order online from Royal Brites Poster Board has some unique features that makes it stand out from the competition. The 2-sides coated C2S board gives it great UV resistanc- the colors will not yellow or change even when left in the sun for long stretches of time. Also, outstanding ink, marker and pen receptivity allows for easy absorption into the coating and water resistance – no ink smudging.

Make the most out of your time together with creative and engaging projects using posterboard.

Have a Peaceful and Happy Easter!

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