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If you’re planning a tag sale or a yard sale, making a do-it-yourself sign with sign board can do a great deal of advertising for your sale without costing you a lot of money.  With some neon sign board, a transparency sheet, and poster borders you can create an attractive and effective sign in the blink of an eye.  Online you can find a versatile stock of sign board and board supplies to make the best sign for your sale.

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Making a do-it-yourself yard sale sign with sign board is a great way to let people know about a sale in advance so you can get the most visitors possible.  In the project pictured above, we’ve made a yard sale sign using one sheet of sign board, one sheet of transparency, and some Royal Brites Repositionable Color Dots poster borders.  To start, decide which way you’d like to orient your sign—in this case, we’re using a landscape orientation.  Next, write the text for your transparency in a simple Word document—be sure to orient this page the same way you want to orient your sign.  For our yard sale sign, we’ve included some relevant clipart.  Insert the clip art you desire into your Word document.  As you will be printing on a transparency sheet, it may be better to avoid using color images since black ones will show up better.  When you’ve completed arranging the text for your sign, print your document using the “Mirror Image” printer setting.  This way, the text for your sheet will print backwards so it won’t be exposed to rain or other elements when you display your sign.  After you’ve oriented your text correctly, secure the transparency to your sign using adhesive poster borders and your sign will be finished!

With all of the elements combined, your do-it-yourself sign will be welcoming and eye-catching to draw people to your sale.  Consider adding board supplies and decorations such as stickers and shapes or your own touches using poster markers or glitter glue.  The more personal you make your sign the more of an effect it will have on a passerby!

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