Make Printable Invitations Online to Save on Party Expenses

Printable Invitations Online TheRoyalStoreDesigning your own printable invitations using online resources can make the difference in saving time and money when creating custom invitations for a party or event.  By using web-based tools such as templates and stationery design programs, you have the choice of creating and printing your invitations anywhere you have internet access and a printer.

Before you begin making printable invitations online, it is helpful to pick out a set of printable invitations you want to print your design on.  As many printable invitations come with pre-printed designs, whether it be a simple bordered design or a more elaborate themed design, using a certain type of invitation can save you time during the design stages of your invitations.  If desired, you could use a set of blank printable invitations and create your entire design from scratch.  However, if time is a concern, you could simply choose an invitation with a pre-printed design and just write out the text; the choice is up to you!

Online, you can find printable invitations in variety of sizes.  Two common sizes include 4.25” x 5.5” and 5.5” x 8.5”.  2UP and 4UP invitations are popular choice of printable invitation because they offer two and four invitations per sheet, respectively.  As a result, you can save a good amount of time printing your invitations; once you’ve printed your invitations, all you need to do is separate them from the main sheet via the perforated lines connecting the cards.  Particularly when using printable invitations for events that will have a large number of guests, 2UP and 4UP invitations remove the hassle of printing cards one-by-one.

Online templates for printable invitations can be an enormous help for both designing and printing your invitations, especially if you plan on printing multiple invitations per sheet.  Often, you’ll find free invitation templates online from retailers that sell printable cards and invitations.  Templates are useful because they provide guidelines (and possibly other features like text boxes) so you can easily add the text and additional content for your invitations and print them correctly.  Alternatively, using an online design program can be another helpful resource.  One example of such a program is iClickn’Print, offered by  Users can pick from a selection of ready-made invitation templates or create one from scratch.  You can add text boxes, choose from a variety of fonts and colors, insert your own images, use free clip art and much more all in one place.  In order to freely access iClickn’Print, a user must purchase a product, such as a set of printable invitations, from

Creating printable invitations online can make your life easier by saving you time and money when preparing for both casual and formal parties.  DIY to make an impression on your party guests and save!

Create Custom Company Business Cards to Personalize your Business

Printable Company Business Cards TheRoyalStoreDeciding how to create company business cards is an important consideration when you are starting a business because different designs can give your contacts different impressions of your company.  While splurging on cards may seem like it will pay off, the truth is that you don’t have to empty your wallet to make memorable and professional-looking business cards.  Instead of ordering cards, using printable business cards to make your own cards will let you add a personal element to your business cards while saving you money.

When making your own company business cards, you’ll first want to look for a set of printable business cards that will fit the feel of your company.  Unless you are creating seasonal or special occasion business cards, it may be best to go with a clean, simple design.  In general, this is also recommended when designing other types of office stationery like business letterhead because the focus should be on the information your document is providing.  Some different types of printable business cards include design business cards, embossed business cards, foil business cards, and blank business cards.  Printable business cards can also come in a matte or glossy finish.  Prior to purchasing printable business cards make sure that they will work with the type of printer you have at home.  Some types may work better with an inkjet printer than a laser printer, or vice versa.

Ordering company business cards can be a costly service, but you can easily use online resources to inexpensively make personalized business cards for your company.  Free business card templates are an excellent tool because they feature guidelines to help you design and print your cards.  Stationery design programs are an alternative option.  For example, the online design program iClickn’Print offers a variety of artistic features to provide an in-depth and hands-on experience designing your cards.  Features include a text editor with a wide selection of fonts and colors, a shape and lines creator, complimentary clip art, and a tool to upload your own photos or other content.  With a bit of searching, you can find many online options to help you craft your cards.  To protect your computer as well as your information, be sure that any template or program you download is from a secure and reputable source, such as a professional stationery retailer.

Making business cards for your company will help you make a personal impression on your business contacts without spending a lot of money.  With a bit of creativity, you can use printable business cards to convey your company’s goals in a personal and attractive way.

Experience the Benefits of Printable Greeting Cards All Year Round

Printable Greeting Cards TheRoyalStoreSending store-bought greeting cards to friends and family every holiday has become a tradition for many people, but you may have wondered if there’s a better way to personalize your greetings.  Did you know that you can use printable greeting cards to create greetings for your loved ones and save money in the long run?  Online, you’ll find printable greeting cards in a variety of styles and designs, as well as in cost-effective bulk quantities.

If you’ve never used printable greeting cards before, you’ll first want to narrow down what size you want; some common greeting card sizes include 5.5”x8.5” and 4.25”x6.5”.  To save time, you can look for a printable card package that already comes with envelopes, but if you prefer to buy your cards and envelopes separately just make sure you match your sizes.

Next, you can choose between blank printable cards or greeting cards with a pre-printed design.  Buying blank cards in bulk is an excellent way to save money because you’ll be able to use them for any holiday or occasion; the only catch is that you’ll have to create your design from scratch.  Cards with pre-printed designs look very professional and require less work because all you need to print is your text, but as a result they will cost more.

Once you’ve decided on the details, you can start creating your printable greeting cards.  There is no single method you must use in terms of designing and printing your cards, but using a greeting card template will help you get the job done easily.  Templates come in many forms (depending on where you get them from) but generally a template should have guidelines and text boxes showing you where to add the content for your card to ensure that it prints out correctly.  Templates are a great resource because you can find them for free online and they may have special features like free clip art or wording.  All it takes is a bit of searching to find a template that meets your needs; just make sure to download from a template source that you trust.

Perhaps you’d like more customization for your printable greeting cards than a template offers.  iClickn’Print is an example of a free online design program that makes greeting card creation and printing easy.  With the program, you can create your own template from scratch or use one of iClickn’Print’s pre-made templates.  You make your template by adding text boxes and other content such as clip art, images, or shapes and lines.  From there, you can edit your font and text color, quickly rearrange your layout by dragging and dropping, resize your content and much more.

Stocking up on printable greeting cards ensures that when the time comes you’ll be able to express your holiday greetings to your loved ones in your own unique way.  Do-it-yourself and save some money!

Use Blank Cards to Easily Make Greetings from Home

Matte Blank Cards GeographicsWhile the idea of making cards at home can seem time-consuming, you’ll find that using a little creativity with printable blank cards can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.  With design software and printer technology being so advanced these days, you can easily make greeting cards, invitations, thank you cards and more for all occasions that look like they were bought in-store.  All you need are some blank cards and the right equipment.

You may be overwhelmed when you see how many options you have for printable blank cards when shopping online.  Not only can you find blank greeting cards, but also blank note cards, post cards, place cards, and RSVP cards.  The best way to look for blank cards online is to know ahead of time what type of card, size and finish you desire.  A common greeting card size in the US is 5.5” x 8.5”; note cards and post cards are most often 4.25” x 5.5”.  You’re also likely to see that blank cards come in a variety of finishes like matte and glossy.  Photo greeting cards will also have a finish in order to produce a high quality photo.  Knowing what qualities want in a card before you shop will help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Blank cards come out best when they are designed using templates or design software.  There are tons of design programs on the market that will guarantee to make you the best greeting cards, but why spend money when you don’t have to?  Online, you’ll find plenty of free templates and programs that have the potential to make your ideas a reality.  If you choose to download a template, just make sure to do so from a reliable source for your security. offers a complete page of free downloadable templates that open in Microsoft Word for a hassle-free design process.

One advantage of purchasing your blank cards from is that you’ll have free access to iClickn’Print, an online program that helps you design greeting cards, stationery, and more.  You can start by selecting a pre-made template or create your own template from scratch.  To make a template, all you need to do is add some text boxes to type in your text and arrange them by dragging and dropping.  From there, you’re free to edit your text using a variety of fonts and colors, create shapes and lines, and even add decorative clip art or import your own images.  You’ll be amazed how an online program like iClickn’Print can help you bring some blank cards to life.

Blank cards allow you to make personalized and memorable cards for the people you love.  At, you can find a collection of blank cards as well as printable holiday cards.

Use Free Birthday Greeting Templates to Make Easy Cards and Invitations

Printable Birthday CardsWhen you want to send a birthday greeting to a friend or family member, a fitting card can be difficult to find.  Making a loved one a personalized greeting card is a creative way to make them feel special on their birthday, and it can also save you a bit of money!  Using a free greeting card template and some printable greeting cards, you can customize and print your own cards easily from home.

You’ll find many types of birthday greeting card templates available online.  Typically a greeting card template will include a layout for your card and possibly some complimentary wording or clip art.  A good template will allow you to customize the text of your card and possibly let you change your font options.  Some sources offer greeting card templates as a free download, but if you want to go that route make sure you download from safe and reputable website, like an established greeting card retailer.  For example, the wording templates at are free to download and you can easily edit them in Microsoft Word.

iClickn’Print is an example of a design program that features a selection of pre-made birthday greeting templates to suit cards, invitations, scrapbook pages and more.  Whether your birthday boy or girl is celebrating their first birthday or a family elder his or her golden years, iClickn’Print has wording templates for most of the big birthday landmarks.   If you want, you’re also free to make your own birthday greeting from scratch using text boxes, design tools, and decorative additions like free clip art.

Perhaps you can remember a time when you settled for a store-bought birthday greeting, but you would’ve preferred to change one or two details of the card to better fit the person you were buying for.  By making your own card, you’re free to change any detail of your birthday greeting, no matter how small.  Your handmade card will be the most successful if you make it using printable cards or card stock.  These items are available in tons of different designs and colors, especially when shopping online.  After you’ve printed your cards, feel free to add your own embellishments like stickers, ribbons, or calligraphy to make your card memorable.

There’s no need to settle for department store birthday greetings when you can make a great birthday card yourself.  With a bit of creativity, you can make cherished cards that will save you money in the long run!

Where to Make Business Cards Using Online Resources

Make Business Cards Online

In Click n’ Print, you can use many features to make professional-looking business cards.

If you’re stumped on where to make business cards for your company, did you know that you can easily make great quality ones right from home?  Making custom cards using a free template or design program will save you money and let you personalize your cards for your company.  Ordering business cards can take time and be expensive—by creating them yourself you can fine tune the details to make the cards that fit your business perfectly.

Knowing where to make business cards online really starts with finding a retailer that sells the printable business cards that match your company. offers a great selection of blank, embossed, foil and designer varieties.  Look for those that are heavyweight and premium quality so they will stand up to the everyday handling that your cards will undergo.  Since you’ll be printing them yourself, make sure that the ones you choose are compatible with your home or office printer.  Generally speaking, business cards that have a glossy finish or are optimized for photo printing may be better suited for inkjet printers than laser printers.  For products, simply check the product summary before you buy to determine what will work with your printer.

Many people have trouble deciding where to make business cards because there are so many printing services that offer to get the job done the best.  In reality, there are also lots of free services out there that can help you create professional stationery. features free business card templates which open in Microsoft Word for easy editing.  However, using a card design program will most often offer a more customization options.’s online card maker Click n’ Print is a great example of such a program.  Click n’ Print lets you create business cards quickly and easily using a pre-made template—this layout is composed of 10 boxes that visually represent the 10 cards on your sheet.  Within these boxes, you can write and edit text, alter the text position, insert clip art or a company logo and much more.  Using the handy “Synchronize” all feature allows you to apply your design to every card i your template without having to copy and paste it.  In Click n’ Print, you can work on up to 10 individual pages at once—this is a great feature if you want to create business cards for multiple employees!  Once you are ready to print, you can save your template to edit or access it again in the future.

Making your own business cards is convenient, fulfilling, and fun!  With only some printable cards and a template to help you design, you’ll be able to make fantastic cards that personally represent your company. offers many great options in business stationery—get a free shipping and a free gift of 250 blank business cards on orders over $75!

Make your Own Christmas Card Greetings and Save Year Round

Christmas Card GreetingMaking your own personalized Christmas card greetings is a cost-effective and meaningful alternative to buying pre-printed cards.  With greeting card templates, you can print your own cards in minutes for any occasion—plus your loved ones will appreciate the time and creativity you put into customizing greetings for them! offers a great selection of printable cards categorized by holiday and by theme.  Use them with the free templates available on’s templates page to learn how to print professional-looking greeting cards from home.

Using free templates to make Christmas card greetings is a breeze.  All of the templates offered by open in Microsoft Word and feature an easy-to-use layout.  All you need to do is replace the default text with your own information, adjust the layout, and include any personal images or clip art you wish to use.  For a complete design experience, you can also use Click n’ Print, a free design program offered by, to make your very own greeting card template.  You can make a template from scratch by inserting and adjusting drag-and-drop text boxes, or you can check out Click n’ Print’s ready-made layouts and suggested wording for some quick design ideas.  Use a variety of creative tools like font and color options, a shapes and lines creator, complimentary clip art and even insert your own images to make greetings more personal.  The best part is you can work on up to 10 separate templates simultaneously to customize greetings for multiple recipients.  With all of its convenient and versatile components, Click n’ Print demonstrates the many benefits of at-home card-making.

Making Christmas greetings for your loved ones doesn’t have to limit you to creating holiday cards.  If you enjoy hosting parties, start off a Christmas party by sending your guests some home-printed Christmas invitations.  Or, if you’d like to catch up with some friends you haven’t seen in a while, why not use some Christmas stationery to send out a holiday letter instead of a card?  Your friends will appreciate something different than the norm of trading Christmas cards. features templates for all types of printable stationery to make a great design for any type of Christmas greeting.

By making your own Christmas card greetings, you will be making a holiday gift that is sure to be appreciated and remembered by your loved ones.  Check out today to find a great selection of holiday cards and templates!

How to Print Greeting Cards and Have Fun Doing It!

4UP Holiday Cards in Click n' Print

As printing technology gets more advanced, learning how to print greeting cards for your loved ones has become easier than ever.  Buying generic greeting cards in stores and writing your messages out by hand can be an expensive and time consuming activity.  No matter what event you’re celebrating, you can use your creativity to make your own greeting cards just using some printable cards and an inkjet or laser printer.  Your loved ones will appreciate your effort and enjoy getting a personalized gift!

Anyone wondering how to print greeting cards will be glad to know that it can really be as simple a process as you want to make it.  While designing a greeting card may seem complicated, the easiest way to go about it is to choose a set of printable greeting cards before you begin designing—printable greeting cards come in all sorts of themed designs, so you may find an existing card that already has a design close to what you’ve been envisioning. offers a great selection of 65lb acid-free and lignin-free designer greeting cards in various sizes.  Check out our themed printable cards, holiday printable cards, formal cards and blank cards to find the card that fits your occasion.  A word of warning—before you buy, make sure that the card type will work with your printer.  Products from accommodate most inkjet printers, laser printers, and copiers but check the product details of any cards you purchase to confirm that they will be compatible with your home office equipment.

After you’ve picked out cards, you’re all set to decide how to design and print your greeting cards.  If you’re at a loss about how to start, you have many options—here are two methods we recommend! features free downloadable templates that include suggested wording and/or clipart that you can use to base your card design—these templates open in Microsoft Word and are always available for free at  If you want a more in-depth experience designing your greeting cards, try Click n’ Print, and innovative free design program from that shows you how to print greeting cards quickly and simply.

Click n’ Print includes all of our templates in one place so you can visually pick and choose from a variety of pre-made layouts and wording.  If you’re making a greeting card from scratch, you can create your own text boxes and play around with fonts and colors, add free clip art, create decorative shapes and lines, re-arrange your layout in a simple drag-and-drop fashion and much more to create the perfect look for your greeting cards.  Furthermore, you’ll be able to edit and print up to ten greeting cards at once.  If you make a free Click n’ Print account, you’ll have the option to save your templates so you can access them again in future.  Getting those greeting cards customized and printed for multiple recipients has never been faster!

Shop for a great selection of products and tips on how to print greeting cards—we offer a free gift of 25 blank greeting cards AND free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

Use Free Online Greeting Cards and Save Big!

Make a greeting card in minutes with Click n’ Print!

Did you know that you can take advantage of free online greeting card offers to save money during the holidays?  At, you can get a free gift of 25 blank printable greeting cards on orders of $99 or more—plus, your order will also qualify for free shipping!

If you’re tired of spending past holiday seasons waiting in lines at department stores to buy generic, cheap greeting cards, consider shopping online to get some free quality greeting cards and also save yourself lots of hassle. has a wide selection of printable cards, formal wedding cards, and blank cards that you can use to create unique and heartfelt greetings for your loved ones.

Nothing beats getting free greeting cards online, but printing and designing your own cards may seem like a complex process.  If you’ve had bad luck with technology, you might ask, “Aren’t design programs expensive and hard to use?”  They don’t have to be!  At we want you to have the easiest experience possible designing your free greeting cards.  With Click n’ Print, our free online design program, creating greeting cards is fun and simple.  It all starts when you choose one of Click n’ Print’s blank or ready-made suggested wording templates to design your card.  Within these templates, you can create and arrange text boxes, edit your text using a wide assortment of fonts and colors, insert complimentary themed clipart , use design tools such as rulers and gridlines, and even import your own images and other content into your template.

Click n’ Print makes customizing your cards a quick and efficient process as well.  You can edit and print up to ten cards at a time, and save your templates online for future use.  No matter what type of card you’re making, you’ll be amazed at how professional your handmade greeting cards will look once you print them.

By choosing Royal Consumer Products, you’ll be getting quality greeting cards, excellent service, and a rewarding shopping experience time and time again.  So don’t wait—get your free online greeting cards and much more by shopping today!

Create Cards Free to Save Time and Money

If you’re tired of paying other companies to make your cards and want instant gratification, you can create cards free with Click n’ Print, an online design program offered by  At The Royal Store you can buy blank cards or pre-printed cards or cardstock to use with Click n’ Print to create cards for any type of occasion.  Design features like text boxes, font and color options, complimentary clip art, shapes and lines, pre-made layouts, and the ability to import your own images are all at your disposal to create personalized free cards for your loved ones.  All you need to do is make a free Click n’ Print account so we can save your work—then, you can create as many free card templates as you like!

Click n’ Print is a rare example of a great design program that will let you create professional-looking cards free of charge, but you’ll need to buy some printable card paper first!  Whatever your occasion, has the card design you’re looking for—browse our printable greeting cards by holiday and theme as well as printable invitation cardsblank cards for all purposes and much more in a variety of sizes and finishes.  Printable cards from are compatible with most inkjet and laser printers.  Once you find the card paper that best suits your needs you’re all set to start creating cards with Click n’ Print.

Above is an example of a card made with Click n’ Print using clip art and wording provided in the left navigation menu.

To create free cards, all you need to do is login to Click n’ Print from on the right-hand side under “Printing Instructions & Templates.”   From there, you can choose a template and work on it so you can get an exact picture of what your cards will look like before you print them.  Within Click n’ Print, you can approach your card-making solo or by using ready-made suggested wording templates to get some ideas for your cards.  These templates feature editable text boxes, complimentary clip art and a suggested layout which you are free to re-arrange how you like.  If you would like to make a template from scratch, you can create your own text boxes, create colorful shapes and lines, and even import your own photos and clip art.  Whichever method you use, you can always edit the font, color, and size of your text and utilize design tools like gridlines, rulers, and cut and paste.  Finally, you can always work on up to 10 different templates at once to personalize multiple cards for your loved ones quickly and efficiently.  And what’s best is you can always find them there the next time you open Click n’ Print.

Click n’ Print is such an in-depth and hassle-free design program, so why wait to try it?  You can create cards free today that your friends and family will appreciate and remember for years—visit the the printable cards section or the blank cards section of The Royal Store site for some great cards!